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Re: Super Bowl Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
The top QBs will give you a chance year in and year out. You might luck into getting to the SB with 2nd or 3rd tier guy once in a while, but if you want sustained success you need the stud QB. Brady hasn't been to 10 Super Bowls dinking and dunking. We should exhaust all possible avenues before we settle for Heinicke.
Fans who don't want to go all in on a QB, IMO, are undermining the young talent this team has. You bring an elite QB like Watson to this team, we are a playoff contender right away, and can be a SB contender within two years.

I don't think our team is bad enough (knock on wood) to have a top 5 pick in the next 3 years, which is what you need to have a sure fire top rookie QB. As I've said, I'm fine parting with the 2021, 2022, and 2023 first round picks to get Watson.
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