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Re: Super Bowl Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by rocnrik View Post
Questions for you ..aside from QB position how does the WFT stack up against the Chiefs? Iím trying to figure out is the WFT really one player away from a super bowl and I just donít believe it. Do I believe We have the QB on the team now to take us there .. NO I do not however trading away three number ones and top players on this team will not make us better .. some guys say They would not trade Young for Watkins straight up .. would you trade Chase young for 3 number one picks and two solid starters? Patrick M is widely considered one of the top if not the top QB in the league and look what happened agianst Tampa .. a team we could have beaten ...gonna be interesting to see how this plays out ..
I think in a way you are answering your own question. On the one hand you are saying that we could have beaten Tampa, on the other hand you say that KC couldn't beat Tampa, even with an elite QB. So by that logic, wouldn't adding an elite QB to our team put us over the hump to be a playoff contender and beat a team like Tampa?

My working assumption for a Watson trade is what Bill Barnwell proposed: 19th and 74th overall picks in 2021, 2022 first- and fourth-round picks, 2023 first-round pick. With this offer, our defense should not change much, and we are going to be adding pieces on both offense and defense through free agency.
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