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Re: Ravens Postgame

Terry Mac showing up to play every week. Everytime I see someone take a slant and get 10 yards after the catch, I feel like it's Terry without even seeing the #.

Haskins - well at least he had no turnovers today. But god damn we are never going to be competitive if the coaches don't trust him enough to develop an intermediate passing game. Thanks for the tease at the end to Terry Mac, it was only about 40 minutes of game time too late. It's concerning that he still has those inaccurate throws (even what should be easy check downs) that make you say wtf every week.

Everything else had flashes of potential from time to time but we're a long ways away from putting together a complete 60 minutes of football in all phases.

Still not sold on Apke/Collins back there. Apke is the more replaceable candidate considering Collins contract. I also feel like our secondary still needs to communicate better. I'm not sold on our defense yet either, while acknowledging even the best defenses have trouble containing the Ravens. There's a reason they're almost undefeated with Jackson as a starter against every team not named the Chiefs.
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