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Re: 2017 Draft 2nd Round Pick Options

Cooley was hyping Tim Williams. I'll say this, at 4:30 in this video would be a good reason to bring him in with Allen.

Williams fakes inside helping to draw the attention of the Center to the Right side (and away from Allen) he redirects and shifts his hips quickly while punching and swimming past the Tackle and he has him beat. This forces the QB to step up...

Meanwhile, Allen gets off the snap quickly shooting toward the Gap to the Gaurds Left, he immediately engages the Gaurd with his hands and maintains leverage while he gains ground around the edge. Once he has the QB lined up in his sights, he disengages the Gaurd almost just shrugging him off. Now the QB forced inside by Williams is just swallowed up by Allen.

By the way this all happened in about 5 seconds.

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