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Re: Thank You Coach Callahan


Thank you Coach Callahan. I have not seen an official statement from the Redskins thanking or acknowledging his time and effort here. Maybe I missed it. Started out as a High School teacher at 42 years old.

2015 - hired as the Redskins OL Coach
2017 - made Asst Head Coach
Oct 7, 2019 - named interim HC and went 3-8

I really like what Callahan brought as an interim coach. I wasnt his biggest fan just bc of years of a stagnant run game but I really respect the job he did this year under tough circumstances. He righted the ship and this season could have easily unraveled but it didnt and I think that is a large part to him. He and the players focused on the football field and winning games.

Probably one of the the highest paid assistants in the NFL over the last few years, I am 100% positive he will coach in 2020 if he wants to.

I think you mean 22
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