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Re: Around the NFL Week 15

edit ---- I half believe Trent here after reading articles and video.

The lab had gotten onto Trents property (slipped in between the wrought iron bars). There is no way those pits are small enough to do so. Trent claims the lab attacked his small dog but idk about that. I do believe trents pits chased the lab and caught him when he was trying to get back through the wrought iron fence and thats why half his body was on one side and other half on other. id guess the damage to trents small dog was also from one of trents pits as they went in maul mode.

If the lab did go onto Trents property ...... he should show remorse but shouldnt be charged.

In some way he is right, guard dogs do what guard dogs do. Dangerous though ... next time it could be a neighborhood kid who climbed the fence or his own 7 year old daughter or an innocent visitor etc ...

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