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Re: Giants Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
A win could move us to number 7 in the draft, i think this board may crumble in tears if we draft later than 3. Personally, I just want them to win in a blowout. Let the younguns start gelling and playing well.

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Super fan slow ur roll. We want Haskins to looklike the quarterback of the future and to secure Chase Young who is a generational talent. If that makes us lesser fans than you than donít invite us to your victory parade. [emoji849]
Nobody on this board likes losing ever, but if you think winning an absolutely meaningless game that might save some of our terrible staffs jobs, and hands the Giants Chase Young is better for the future of this team than please pass whatever you are smoking over hear.
Root for Haskins and the other young guys to play really well, and than trim the fat and go get Chase Young because that is the quickest way to being truly competitive.
Douche Snyder ruined my Sundays.
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