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Re: Week 17 Games

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post

How the fudge does this not get called? is this something that would automatically be reviewed in NY or would Carroll have to challenge it (if he had challenges and a TO left)

If I was a seattle fan ... id be heated. Thats not even a gray area, thats clearly black and white PI. Something this new rule was suppposed to prevent.
1 - not called
2 - not reviewed
3 - reviewed by league with Riveron offering explanation -

I get the non-call if the officials adjudged it a non-foul in realtime, but no review? And I don't agree with Riveron's assessment. Yes, Hollister made contact but after initial contact, he was held. It's either holding or a PI, though I'd go for the former as the ball wasn't in the air at the time of the hold.

However, the best outcome the Seahawks would get in either situation is 1st and goal at the 1, and they already blew that situation with a delay penalty (WTF Pete Carroll?). I'm not sure this call changed the outcome.
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