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Re: Offseason Roster Moves Thread

Originally Posted by EdmundDorf View Post
With the availability of Martin and the apparent decline of Moses would any of you guys consider kicking Scherrf out to RT and starting Martin at RG?
Dang dude, that is a decent bit of original thinking. Havent heard that option floated out there before but its certainly deserving to be the top 10 of what to do with the O line options. I always liked the idea of upgrading C so Roullier could be the next man up swing IOL bc I think you need 4 starting caliber IOL with the amount of injuries to that unit (if you think you have a competitive team). But Roullier has proven me wrong and seems to be a top 15 C now so I wouldnt want to rock that boat unneccessarily.

Moses - Hes still under a decent enough contract, seemed to be the vocal leader for the O line wout Trent and can bounce back. He did cut down on his penalties. I want to give Moses one more year.

Martin - unproven to me. I wouldnt go into TC with him penciled in as starter. Now if he wins the job then great but he would be plan B for me heading into TC. And he could very well win the job against any of our IOL guys not named Scherff.
"We haven't put it together. We've made too many mistakes on game day. But the effort. The effort of the players and the rest of this organization is fantastic," Redskins Team President Bruce Allen said in early October.
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