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Re: What Training Camp battles intrigue you the most?

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
First: thank you CRed for this thread ! After an offseason filled with non-football talks, good to be back to ball talk !

Low key battle, WR: who does/doesn't make out of Harmon, Wright, AGG and Sims Jr ?

Obviously, excited to see what Dyami Brown and Humphries have for us, and how we gonna use Curtis.

OL battle: it'll be interesting for sure, we have solid depth IMO, I think the only legit uncertainty is can Cosmi beat Leno for the LT starting job. Flowers, Roullier, Scherff and Lucas are pretty much locks in my book.

Edge rushers: We know who and how good our starters are... But what is our depth worth ? How much can we rotate the rookies in ?

Nickel CB: who gets the most snaps early on ? Can St Juste or Moreland step it up to play outside and allow Fuller to play Nickel where he seems to excel ?

Safeties: So, how are we actually going to use Collins ? I didn't think Landon played very well for us so far, but is Reaves a legit starting NFL safety or were we just happy he played better than expected last year ?

EDIT: completely forgot about Bobby McCain in my post, he's listed as a CB on WFT's website. Our DB squad is quite intriguing when it comes to who's gonna do what.
Good breakdowns. This team has such potential. Every position has a starter plus good depth in my opinion. There may be a weak link somewhere, but I don't think it is in the starting 22.

I don't buy the whole QB issue at all. Fitzpatrick is miles above what we had last year and we have a defense and WRs that can bail him out if needed. Our defense beat SF with 0 qb play last year! I forget the stats but I think the defense had more than 10 second half shutouts last year. I am hoping for at least 2 home shutouts, we haven't had that in forever. If the defense plays like that and Fitz does even close to his Miami performances we win the division going away.

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