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Re: Jonathan Allen Signs - Training Camp begins Tomorrow

Originally Posted by PorkSkins View Post
Why? There's quite a few reports where vaccinated people are getting pretty sick and are considered "super spreaders." Not to mention, there are thousands of others who are having some serious adverse effects per the vaccine.

Some of y'all are peculiar individuals by constantly telling people what to do, particularly with something as serious as what goes into their bodies. A trial/emergency shot, which what it is technically speaking.

Just let people do what they consider best for them and their bodies.

I know I helped to derail the thread, but let's keep this on Jonathan Allen and training camp.
Chill. My position has pretty much 0% to do with medical considerations (I wouldn't have commented in this thread if that was the case). From that standpoint I'm all for your body your choice and I get young healthy people want to take time to make this decision.

From a football standpoint though, like it or not, with the NFL covid rules, not being vaccinated is going to be a competitive disadvantage (preparation, tests, missing games etc...) and we now how much the NFL is a health/availability league. If some of our key players miss regular seasons games because of not being vaccinated and getting the covid/being in contact with someone having it... it could derail a potentially very promising season ! That's my concern. 100% football issue, the rest is none of my business.
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