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Re: Jonathan Allen Signs - Training Camp begins Tomorrow

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Maybe it'll change... I really don't know.
All I know is if I was earning millions to play ball, and I knew that not being vaccinated could cost my team some games, even if I thought the rule was stupid, even if I was scared of the vaccine, I'd look at the millions of people who got the shot and are fine, look at my teammates who got the shot and are fine, look at the upcoming schedule, and go "meeeh, give it to me and let's move on".
Again, not saying I wish it was mandatory, not saying the NFL process is perfectly adapted to the situation (very little research on the subject), all I know is not having enough vaccinated players wasn't on my list of reasons why a football team loses games...

People may be fine now, but no amount of money will make many people go against their convictions. I'll say again, this is a trial "vaccination," and no one is really aware of the long-term effects. There's a bunch of people who are currently dealing with adverse effects per the shot.

Watch what I tell you.... Vaccinated players and coaches will eventually test positive, and the league will change their protocol midstream.
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