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Superbowl and Playoff Predictions

Alright, tell me who is making the playoffs including the Superbowl.

Who are the team sleepers? Who will fall off this year?

AFC Division Winners:

North: Baltimore

East: Pats - worst division in Football continuously, makes it easy for these fuck faces

South: Houston

West: Chargers

Wildcard: Pittsburgh, Denver

NFC Winners:

North: Green Bay

South: Atlanta

West: Rams

East: Skins

Wildcard: Vikings, Saints

MVP: Aaron Rogers - he gonna put up huge numbers

NFC Champs: Atlanta Falcons

AFC Champs: Pittsburgh

Superbowl Champs: Atlanta Falcons

I think the big step backs will be Jags, Carolina, Eagles, Kansas City, Detroit, & Seattle

Couple things:

Houston and Chargers can play for the superbowl if Defense stays healthy.

Patriots barely win the East over the Dolphins

Giants and Kansas City are a big hype machine...paper champs for folks

Seattle is the leagues biggest disappointment

Raiders are gonna be absolutely 5 pick next year.
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