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Re: If Smith returns....HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.....

Originally Posted by calia View Post
I think httr stands for hater. Seriously, dude, referring to the man as “garbage” is just wrong. There aren’t two categories of QB - elite and garbage. Smith has had a nice career and had us up two games in the NFCE when hurt. Give the man a little respect.

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I'm just being completely honest. Check down Alex reminds me of Mark Brunell. Just as sorry excuse for a NFL qb. I'm not saying he hasn't had a good career. But he was never going to take this team anywhere. He has a weak ass arm, no accuracy, and overrated mobility. I'm not saying that it's all his fault the offense was crap, because in my opinion Jay Gruden below average play calling help contribute to that. All I'm saying is that Check down Alex is a below average qb.

Originally Posted by Irrefutable View Post
Unfortunately, the cap hits will be enormous

2019 - 42 million
2020 - 32 million
2021 - 10.8 million
Do you anyone really thinks Check down Alex is worth this type of money? Only a complete buffoon would paid this bum 42 million in one season. I remember when we traded for him. I told my uncle that Check down Alex sucks and Andy Reid was going to get over on us again. One year later I look like a goddamn genius.

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
Because the skins took out an insurance policy on Smith, if he is never medically cleared to play again, they get a 12M cap credit.

If Smith wants to keep playing, that's his right to do so, but given his age, the severity of the injury, the fact that the skins have already signed his long-term replacement relegating him to being a backup, and the amount of guaranteed money he still has from the deal... it would seem to be in his long-term physical and financial best interests to simply not play football again.
I agree with everything you said. He should never play football again mainly because he's horrible.
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