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Re: If Smith returns....HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.....

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
So were we a great team when he had us at 6-2? I can agree he's not a great qb, but he's a damn step better than average.

Pretty sure we would have had a solid shot at the playoffs if he hadn't gone on IR, but that's purely hypothetical at this point.

He isn't great, but he rarely made bonehead plays or put the defense at a disadvantaged starting position. That alone makes him above other QB's that we've had recently
Our team was playing great defense over the first eight games. Our offense could barely move the ball. To make the argument that we were 6-2 because of check down Alex is blatantly false. That bum was below average throughout the season.

We wasn't going to the playoffs because our defense fell apart. We sucked and you know it.
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