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Re: Redskins Signing Adrian Peterson

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
There is no high reward w/ AP at this point of his career. And if Jay's thinking that a 33 year old rb who is way past his prime w/ a 3.1 ypc last year is going to help save his job then that is pretty sad. It's a total panic move by the Redskins to try and get the fanbase excited. We've seen this shit before.

Also you don't need to make a Tj Duckett type of trade. If the Redskins were smart and patient, they'd just bring in some guys off the street to play the last two pre season games, then see which backs are released at the end of pre season. Example...The Ravens picked up Alex Collins after he was cut by the Seahawks last pre season and he ended up being their starter. He started 12 games and almost had 1,000 yards.
But the AP move doesn't break that option.
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