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Belichick Would Like To See The Extra Point Eliminated

Bill Belichick doesn’t see the point in extra points | ProFootballTalk

I would like to see the league go one step further and eliminate the touch-
back as well, except in two instances. The rule change on kick-offs has all but eliminated one of the most exciting plays in the game of football. It has reduced the potential for actually scoring points minus plays from scrimmage.

This is what I wish I could propose:

(1) Kickoffs be moved back to the 30yd. line and all kickoffs be returned. Touch-back awarded only if the KO goes through and out of the end-zone. No more awarding the opposition a free 20yds. at the discretion of the returner. The KO is a free ball, unlike a punt which is a change of possession and should be returned from anywhere in the field of play....including the end-zone.

(2) Punts....unlike the KO do not have to be returned. The option is available before the ball is punted. The option to fair catch should remain in tact and any ball punted into the end-zone should be declared a touch-back and awarded the free 20yds.

This may all sound completely absurd to some, but I would like to hear what you guys think.
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