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Re: Pre Draft Thread 2.0

I definitely don't believe in trading up or down from the #19 pick. Unless we get a stupid offer (who does that lower in the 1st?) then there's unlikely any real need. The teams immediately above us have similar needs so why trade down, and who do we want so bad that this becomes sensible? The teams below us don't really have the same needs, so they're unlikely to want to trade up. Unless one of the best QB's is still within range and the trade is feasible, who would we move up for anyway?

For me we take the most impactful LT, LB or S still available, and in that priority order. But I actually think the top 2/3 LT's will be gone by 19, so I'm leaning towards the mocks suggesting we take Koramoah. An athletic, rangy, savvy LB could work wonders in defending the run. And I've said it before, we need a DL/LB/S trio to make this defence truly memorable, a la Suggs, Lewis & Reed @ Ravens.

So if we go best LB at #19 and can pick up a FS diamond later on, then it would only leave our OL as a potential weakness, and who knows what we can find in the lower rounds, or even via post draft FA (when guys like Fisher might still be available AND cheaper).
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