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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Haskins had two outstanding last games. That's with a patchwork OL, crappy offensive ideas of Callahan, and no TE of any value. I also think at the end of the season, Callahan started to loosen the restraints on KOC. But still there was too much of his "run-first" philosophy, which really handicapped Haskins and the offense.

So, what do we have to look forward to in 2020? Return of Scherff, Flowers and probably Trent Williams. Addition of a FA OT to replace Moses, a draft pick to upgrade the C. So the OL will be MUCH better in 2020. Then you'll see a NFL-current passing offense run by Scott Turner, instead of Callahan's Jurassic style of play. They'll have McLaurin at WR #1, Steven Sims at slot and probably a very good FA at WR#2 with Harmon as the backup. Of much importance, is the addition of a premium FA TE, such as Hooper - who can block AND catch. The addition of a very good TE will really improve the offense - especially in the red zone.

I think you'll see a big improvement in Haskins, as he extends the big improvement from those last 2 games. The offense will be limited only by Scott Turner's imagination and Haskins growth. At that point, we can ask all the doubters who thought Haskins was a bust after a couple games or those who wanted for him to sit for a whole season or more - what do you say now?
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