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The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by Ohioskins View Post
People seem to forget, he beat out Joe Burrows fair and square at OSU. And in 2018, Haskins numbers dwarfed Burrows performance. Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns which is unheard at OSU and set virtually every Big Ten passing record. He is a very talented QB, who has a great attitude. Gruden treated him like dog crap and it showed when he was thrown out onto the field with little to no preparation. Haskins' rough start was 100% on Gruden.

I wanted Haskins to start from Game 1 BUT his sitting on pine may have helped him. He got more humble, learned and matured from Alex Smith and learned the play book. He had to fight to improve, when MANY were tossing him under the bus after the first few games. He showed his toughness and grit for playing well hurt and getting better with less than ideal circumstances.

Almost every aspect of the offense will be better for him in 2020, especially with the addition of FA players who will instantly improve certain positions which were crap last year. Namely the return of Scherff, Flowers and Trent. Getting a good to elite TE in FA and the draft. Replacement for Moses. FA or draft pick to challenge Harmon at #2 WR. Finally and MOST important, a change in offensive philosophy with Scott Turner. 60%passes on first down instead of 80% runs. A modern passing attack versus the ridiculous and archaic run offense of Gruden/Callahan. Yeah, our offense will get better. The only thing holding it back will be Haskinís and Turnerís growth in their positions. They will make mistakes due to their newness in their positions but they are going to get better and better!

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