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The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by OmahaRedskins View Post
I agree, two will be back. Flowers and either Trent or Scherff. If I had to bet between all three or none, I would bet all three will be back. I think there is better chance Trent comes back for one year than Scherff getting a long term deal with top money. I can't see them giving Scherff 15 million a year for 5 years. I understand, today's over payment is next years bargain. Plus we have some young talent at his position. We have nothing at tackle. We are short the following: right tackle or swing tackle, corner back, tight end, line backer, back up quarter back, safety, possible a 3rd down back. If we draft well, we may get 2 starters. One of the starters will be at a position that we already have players.

If Bruce Allen was still in charge, heíd probably let all three go. But there are now adults and NFL-savvy pros making the decisions. Sure Scherff is going to be expensive, but the difference between the Redskins (Allenís) first offer ($13 mil/yr) and top OG pay is just $2 mill/yr. Heís worth it. He wants to stay and itís not that much more to keep him.

The key to this yearís off-season will be the dumping/trading of a great deal of dead weight and over-priced FA. Dump or trade Norman, Richardson, Keenum, McCoy, Reed, Davis, Thompson, Moses, Penn, and re-structure or trade Kerrigan. This gets us over $50 mill or more in cap space to hire new FA.

Flowers will be reasonable and heíll be easily worth the money. Trent just wants guaranteed money and he can be enticed back by RR. Getting Flowers, Trent and Scherff solidifies the OL. Martin can go for Moses spot or for C. The team will draft at least one OT in the draft and another one or two in UDFA. With Kyle Smithís laser vision we will likely get a starter from the draft or UDFA to replace Moses or go for C. That way we have a balance of costly FA players (Scherff/Williams) and cheap draftees & FA (Flowers/ Martin/ one or two new draftee and/or UDFA).

The thing youíve got to remember is that Trent and Brandon Scherff are very good to Pro Bowl level talent. Trent has 2-3 good years in his tank. We know what we have with them. You canít just let that walk and expect to replace them easily at that high level.

My prediction is that the Redskins have 50% chance of signing 2 of the 3 -Flowers, Scherff and Williams and 50% chance of resigning ALL THREE. Letís see whoís right in the next few months.

Many were super pessimistic over Haskins ( sitting him the whole season, calling him a total bust after a couple games) or firing Bruce (whether he could ever be dumped) or whether Snyder could ever change (giving up power to a HC). Its time to be optimistic- I think weíll see Flowers resigned, Scherff resigned and possibly Trent brought back.

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