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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Game 5 in the NFL Haskins had a 121 QB rating (max 154).

Game 6 in the NFL Haskins went higher and had a 141 QB rating.

This was with a make shift OL, no real TE to speak of, 3 rookie WR ( two of whom are very good to outstanding - McLaurin at WR#1 and Steve Sims at slot WR), and finally the outmoded offensive philosophy of Callahan, who pushed it on KOC.

Next year Haskins will have these new assets:

1.Very good to elite TE from FA
2.Improved OL, resign Flowers, resign Sherff and/or Trent Williams, new OL from draft, UDFA and FA. Moses probably gone.
3. Maybe new WR from draft (third or fourth round) or FA. Compete with Harmon for WR#2 spot
4. Better play calling from Scott Turner. More passing on first and second down and more imagination in play calling. Double the number of long pass attempts per game.
5. He’ll be better because he’ll get a lot MORE reps in practice, from the get go, and obviously more reps with the first squad.

Haskins will still be up and down, and he’ll make some mistakes, but for all the reasons above he’s going to be much better.
All free agent TEs are good, not very good nor elite. In my opinion, only Kittle, Kelce and Ertz are in the elite category. I agree with all other points, although Turner is unknown at this point so I'm in wait and see mode with Turner. From what I have read about Turner, it seems like he did well with Newton so I'm excited to see what Turner will bring to the table.
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