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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by GridIron26 View Post
All free agent TEs are good, not very good nor elite. In my opinion, only Kittle, Kelce and Ertz are in the elite category. I agree with all other points, although Turner is unknown at this point so I'm in wait and see mode with Turner. From what I have read about Turner, it seems like he did well with Newton so I'm excited to see what Turner will bring to the table.

What do you thing about Hooper? Many consider him to be the BEST TE FA. He will be expensive. Id put Henry in the elite category but be my be franchised. Ertz is definitely a step down from those two.

Also, I think the Redskins may bring in Greg Olsen on a one-year contract. Hes good and will be a mentor.

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