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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I’d say Hooper is “very good”,with players such as Ertz with the Eagles as being in the “elite” TE category. But he’s the best there is in the TE FA category this season. I believe he will be one of our first FA pickups. Although he isn’t in category of the top, best TE’s in the NFL, he will make a huge, positive difference to the Redskins.

Last year our best TE’s never played and we had little real production from the scrubs that were left. Having Hooper in there and maybe with the addition of a rookie TE, it will help out Haskins a great deal in the red zone. Hooper will be worth the money for him and will help our offense as a receiver and a blocker.

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You should listen to the latest episode of the John Keim Report podcast. Keim talks to Logan Paulsen, who gives some pretty insightful information on Hooper (Paulsen played with Hooper in Atlanta).

I'm pretty sold on Hooper after listening to Paulsen (who should probably get a front office/scouting job).
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