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Re: The Haskins Threat 2.0

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Yes, thats where Im at. it seems like you can find versatile 3 down TEs in the draft rounds 2-5 or even UDFA. Wasnt Hooper an UDFA?

I would love Hooper for 10M per but I think he will command more than that and Im not committing a penny more than 10M per for a TE. Id rather find my own Hooper (3R) or Kittles (5R) or Ertz (2R) or Kelce (3R).

I wouldnt over pay for TEs, Gs, C, HB .. those positions can be filled by means other than expensive FA signings.

edit -- dang it sorry guys, shouldnt be talking general TE FA stuff in this thread.
Hooper was drafted in the third round by the Falcons. But who cares where he was drafted, its how he's playing NOW that matters. I think he will go for $10 mill/yr which is less than the money we spent last year for Reed and Davis ($8.5 and $2.4 mill). Hooper may not be in the top 3 TE in the NFL, but he's pretty good and certainly the best TE FA the team can get this season. Right now we have NOTHING at TE, I'm not even sure the guys there now could be TE backups!

Sometimes you have to pay the pipper and that is probably the case with Hooper. Bringing him on and drafting a couple TE's in the draft and UDFA may get us through this season as far as this position goes. We are paying for Bruce Allen putting all our eggs into the Reed/Davis basket for a couple of years in a row. We definitely need at least one good TE to help Haskins this season and I hope we can get Hooper for that spot - plus getting a young player using Kyle Smith's magic drafting power.
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