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Re: Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Redskins Have 'Openly' Discussed QB If Made Available

Originally Posted by DYoungJelly View Post
We really have no idea where and when the perceived talent really falls off.

There are some defensive genetic freaks in this year's draft and some top tier talent at TE and OL.

I would not want to pass on one of those guys for Rosen and a Trent Murphy, Sua Cravens, Ryan Anderson type pick.

Rosen is such an unknown with the S-show that was the Cardinals' offense last year.

If Jay, Kyle Smith, and Doug believe it is worth it then shoot but Bruce and Dan will make the decision while watching Mandy in the middle of the Atlantic on the IMAX.
I think the 33rd pick is an awesome pick to have if we can get it pre-draft as part of a trade like the one I mentioned above. If someone is there that we like, they are probably a first round talent. If we want to sell the pick, you get A WHOLE DAY to auction it off to the highest bidder for someone who wants to move up to get someone they covet in day 2.
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