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Re: Training Camp 2018

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
And adequate depth as rotational defensive linemen, too. Ziggy Hood at end will look much better. Ioannidis coming in as an interior rusher in the nickel. Anthony Lanier offering depth as a rusher and Phil Taylor & Stacey McGee offering depth as run stoppers.

And maybe Iaonnidis beats out Hood for the other end spot, who knows. All I know is the quality of depth breeds that high quality competition you need in camp to set a tone throughout the season.

Excited to see what Tomsula does with this group. And Zach Brown sitting behind it all being like "I got you, big fellas."

Exciting times.
Sounds like you've got Hood starting over Ioannidis? I definitely don't see that happening. Allen, Payne, Ioannidis are the starters. Lanier and Settle coming off the bench. 6th spot up for grabs, maybe Hood? Possible they could keep 7.
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