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Re: Post Draft Thoughts

I think Redskins did well in the draft although I still have my reserves. I think I have been burned too many times to a point where I'm going to wait and see..

I wasn't sure of Haskins but the more I watch his films and the more I like him. We really need to keep Oline intact, Haskins play really well when Oline gives him time to throw. The fact that we are likely going to have strong run game, it definitely will allow Haskins to come along well. The best scenario - Haskins becomes starter and helps Gruden save his job. Sweats looks like a great pick, he was widely considered as a top 10 player so giving up two 2nd round picks for a top 10 player is pretty good deal I think.

I think Perine is good as gone, unless we keep Love on PUP until middle of season or put him on IR if he still is not ready to play. This would give Love plenty of time to recover and learn. Perhaps a replacement for Thompson since I think this season is last year of his contract? I really like Wes Martin, granted I saw only 8 mins of his highlights but it's obvious he has pretty strong frame and anchors really well. I'm curious to see how well he pulls.

Kelvin Harmon looks like a gem although I wonder if it's just a clone of Doctson? Can jump and catch ball well but struggle to get separation... Our WR corp is kinda interesting - McLaurin, Harmon, Cam Sims, Qinn, and Richardson. And of course, our beloved Doctson.
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