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Re: 2021 Season-We'll Be Ready

Originally Posted by sevier2 View Post
Claiming that we'll be 2021 NFC Champions 2 days after a draft and before any of our draft picks have even step foot into the facilities is a bit.... silly, don't ya think?

Fact of the matter is we have NO idea how ANY of these draft picks will pan out, injuries we'll sustain, players of our own leaving, etc.

To make any sort of assumptions is silly. To make one for the 2021 season when there is still so much time between then and now is even sillier.

You silly sally.
Yeah, draft picks are a crap shoot - no matter how highly they are ranked by the experts. We had a very good draft this season but will need more to make this a winning team.

We also need to do well on the FA circuit, and based on the last few years I'm not sure that Bruce Allen has done very well. I mean paying a big contract for Alex Smith who is over 35 years old? He has been a good QB, not a Drew Brees. You can't predict injuries but the Redskins overpaid for him and will be in cap trouble for that decision. How has the Josh Norman mega-signing done for the team? He's a good CB but is he worth the money?

Who will be our coach in 2021? Gruden has been a decent coach but there are better ones out there. This is probably his last season. Who will come to Washington, which does not have a good reputation in the owner - head coach category?

Its making excellent draft choice, FA picks and paying the right amount for them, great coaching that gets you to the SB.

One draft does not a Superbowl make.
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