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Re: Redskins predictions 2019 edition

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
That right there is a formula for 10-6, with the last factor being whether Keenum/Haskins/McCoy will limit turnovers enough for those other factors to carry the day. Are you there on that one too?

That's my lone hangup, I agree on your 3. I think it's Trey Quinn and McLaurin that make the impact at WR in a spread-it-around offense. But McCoy and Keenum have always been turnover prone. I worry that's what stops us from bouncing back to health and playing well enough to make the playoffs.
turnovers are crucial for sure...but I really think O'Connell understands some priorities in order to "fix" the Offense. Here what I would do:

1. Use the same formation to run multiple plays and remove tendencies from play strategy
2. Throw more on first down. Yes, Im a "run the damn ball" type dude BUT Jay did something like run the ball 68-70 % on first down, that's way too much and lead to a terrible 1st down yardage success which cause too many 2nd and longs.
3. Bring back play action game. We ran the ball fairly well last year, but our play action game was severely lacking. Cousins was a really good play action QB...I just googled Case Keenum +play action...look what I found from his Minnesota playoff year:

Case Keenum – Keenum showed the largest discrepancy in play-action passer rating (117.9) vs. non-play-action passer rating (88.2). This could be a legitimate concern for him in Denver. Minnesota ranked second in play-action passes last season, while Denver ranked 11th. Denver has a new offensive coordinator in Bill Musgrave, but the Oakland Raiders in 2016 (Musgrave’s last season as an offensive coordinator) attempted even fewer (32 less) play-action passes than Denver did last season, with the seventh-fewest play-action attempts that year.

Who lead the league in Play Action QB Rating that same year? Cousins in Washington with a 124.4%!!!! Keenum was fifth highest rating in league.

Bro, Grudan, bring back the Play action!!!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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