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Re: Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

I'm going to say something that will piss a few off... In light of the past few weeks, and in light of the miracle worker that is Nick Foles, I'm pulling for the Eagles this weekend. Not so much that I want the Redskins to lose, but I would like to see Foles take the Eagles to the promised land again, win another Super Bowl MVP and create a bunch of chaos in the Eagles front office while they try to figure out what to do with a two time Super Bowl MVP who isn't the guy you wanted to be "The" guy. What can I say, I love an underdog story. Either that or Josh Johnson has to lead the skins to a dominant win, killing the Eagles chance at the playoffs. Gotta sign the kid as a backup to whoever we get to replace Alex Smith if he doesn't return.
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