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Re: Brian LaFemina Out Less Than 1 Year In

Originally Posted by RedskinJake View Post
We're out of it... why not root for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl again? I'm a football fan first and foremost, I like a good story, and again, we're out of it. The Redskins went out of their way to be out of it over a 4 game stretch including the defense packing it in 3 plays into the Giants game.

I've worked in awful organizations. Shit bubbles up after awhile and people see that no matter how stupid a decision is, the organization just seems to love stupid decisions. Eventually, employees start acting out. The Redskins are there. I don't hate my Redskins but I do hate Snyder and BA. So, unless the league strikes a win from someone and we miracle ourselves into the playoffs, I'm watching Nick Foles do Nick Foles things and day dreaming that we sign him this offseason and somehow he remains this version of Nick Foles.
How is Josh Johnson not a great underdog story?

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