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Re: Alex Smith Cut (update: retired)

Originally Posted by Monkeydad View Post
Is Smith driving all of this "controversy" or is the media overblowing things? We need to be careful. Alex has always seems like the definition of class over his career. I'd hate to see him get taken down by tabloid-like reporting trying to create something where it isn't.

I mean, most of these headlines I'm seeing on Yahoo News, which is absolute trash.
Tabloid??? Sports Illustrated and GQ??? I like AS his comeback was nothing short of a miracle. I got to back RR and TWFT here. The franchise has a history of QB's with broken legs as we know and they were looking out for all evolved and for that I don't blame them . As for RR he was doing the same .I'm sure AM is disappointed and sour but none, none of it was the Teams fault or the Coach's .
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