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Re: What about a TRUE GM

Originally Posted by #56fanatic
how either of you two who responded to my previous post think Taylor was not a no brainer are crazy. An athlete like taylor comes only so often. Barrow was over the hill MLB who was overpaid. A bargain compared to what we normally pay people, you right. but still overpaid to what he was going to be offered somewher else. We can agree to disagree. unfortunetly the moves have been questionable at best. Some were great picks, but most have not been that well thought out.
I don't think its crazy to state the truth. The fact of the matter is most experts thought we were taking Winslow for multiple reasons. One of those reasons being he would be a perfect fit as Gibb's "H Back". As it turned out our GM brain trust realized we could get Cooley in the 3rd round to fill that void.. That my friend is what having a good draft is all about.
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