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Re: Redskins 2018 Off Season Re/Signings

Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
For Rob, what first cut? He just tap dances in the backfield until he's tackled. Poor Rob, he has no feel for the game whatsoever. We desperately need a lead RB. Perine is a backup, at best, IMHO.

Perhaps we could get the job done with a committee. Chris Ivory is almost certain to be cut by JAC. I'd look into signing him to a reasonable deal if his health checks out. Given the opportunity, I'd definitely draft Raashad Penny. If not Penny, than I'd look to draft Sony Michel a little lower.

Maybe Ivory, Penny or Michel, Perine, and Chris Thompson could get the job done.
I want us to get Penny. I'm biased cause SDSU is my alma mater, but the dude was bad ass this year. BPA in the 1st and Penny in the 2nd would be a perfect 1st 2 rounds.
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