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Re: Post Dumpster Skins vs. Saints Thread

I remember hearing before the season that Alex Smith's best seasons were after he'd been with a team for 4-5 years and it could take time for him to get on the same page as his receivers. Maybe that's what we're seeing. Could be things get better this year. Could be they don't. Could be they draft a QB to groom behind him for a couple years after this season. All I know for sure is that was the worst game of quarterbacking I've seen on this team in many years. Maybe some of the rhythm he developed with the WRs late will carry over to next week. If the rest of the NFC East weren't so bad, I'd have seen enough of this team to stop paying attention so closely this season. The D is ok, but not good enough yet to carry a team with a one dimensional offense. We could still win the division, but wild card is not likely and no chance we'd get past first round anyway.

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