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Post Dumpster Skins vs. Saints Thread

Our Head Coach in a huge way. Completely out of his league.
Our offense.
Our defense.
Our Front Office.
Our Stadium.
Our Past.
Our Present.
Our Future.
Our quarterback.

Usually I can find some sort of silver lining once the dust settles after a loss. I cannot though. Allen n Payne should be good for years? We will fuck that up somehow somewhere down the road.
I mean the Saints squeaked out victories over the Browns and Falcons. I know i know the Browns are not that bad. Lol. The Giants played them harder than us too. This Saints team is good but we made them look like the team of the decade. It is painfully obvious that our HC and his entire staff need to go next year. That is not a knee jerk reaction- we have all known Jay is out of his league for quite some time. Josh Norman gtfo of town. He might be the most overrated player in all of sports. AP? The guy is on the verge of retirement. Our o line is not good. At all. There is absolutely nothing to hang our hat on except a couple of d linemen and Scherff. Three players. Lol.
I'm living in yesterday's tomorrows.

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