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Re: 34th Overall Pick

Originally Posted by TenandSix:Unacceptable View Post
I think we've all gotten so used to teams w miserable depth that we don't understand why a player is necessary if the two current staters seem like better players. The quick answer is that if Rak or Kerrigan go down, who would play OLB for us? The answer is there was a massive drop off in talent after the starters and we can get Murphy on the field even if we don't have injuries. Quality depth at critical positions is critical. It also fosters competition for PT. Now we know whoever starts on O line is going to have to beat out other viable options, not camp fodder types. We needed depth and talent on O line and front seven and now we have several more viable players available at both areas. This is in stark contrast to what happened last offseason and I think we can't argue the results there. The Redskins are still lacking in overall talent at several key positions but I don't think anyone can say that our point of attack on both sides of the ball isn't significantly bolstered, which was the number one offseason priority imo. Add to that a top class deep threat in DJax and RG3's improved health and development and I'd imagine we will see a much better team this year as long as Gruden knows what the f$@& he's doing.
Great post, especially the bold.

And I agree that as long as Gruden knows what he's doing, our team will go places, even if that merely means a competitive 2nd in the NFC East. Our depth is greatly improved.
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