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Re: Redskins O.T.A.

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post

Jimmy Moreland had 3 Ints today and another TO when he ripped ball out of WR hands.

Keim or JP Finlay said Montez Sweat was dominating Erik Flowers today.
Good article there.

Favorite part for me was,

"Perhaps nobody enjoyed the session more than defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, who stood right next to the quarterback almost every time he threw the ball. Once, when Keenum extended a play despite being "sacked," Allen gave him a little bump, to let him know he was there. That drew immediate shouts and an appearance by position coach Jim Tomsula, who ushered Allen back to the sideline. He'll have to wait another four months to finish a tackle."

J.Allen is a team captain. Even if he doesn't have the "C" on his chest (yet) he is the clear leader of men on defense. Hopefully his attitude and work ethic spreads throughout the locker room.
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