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Re: Superbowl and Playoff Predictions

Originally Posted by kct1975 View Post
Okay, so I have tried to stay out of it...but I am not sure if you all are joking or just delusional...

At best, the Redskins will be 8-8.

While I can't predict the AFC, other than that the New England Patriots being in the playoffs, my predictions for the NFC are the following...

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles
NFC North: Minnesota Vikings
NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
NFC West: LA Rams

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Champion: Minnesota Vikings
(that is a complete guess since the Eagles have an equal shot)

Super Bowl Champ:?

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I would say there is no way Cousins leads a team to win the NFC North, and Chicago's addition of Mack makes that even more certain.

Also, the Eagles start the season without Wentz and Jeffries. That is a big loss.
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