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Re: Around the league Week 6

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Giants are the worst team in the NFL. Eli is burnt toast that keeps getting shoved back down the toaster.
Well ... they may be the worst but I wonít be surprised if they beat us! How the heck can we as redskin fans say anything bad about another team? We suck ass and thatís a fact! If you donít believe it go back and read everything that has been posted on this site since 2cnd quarter of saints game😀 I canít seem to find any positives about the skins.. no wrís,bad coaching,shit owner,clown for a GM,downgraded at QB.. sketchy o line, best RB was picked off scrap heap.. nobody else gave him a workout! No home field advantage, empty stands.. yea we got it going on...
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