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Re: 2017 NFL draft rounds 4-7

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Mike Mayock doesn’t hide his contempt for draft’s circus atmosphere | ProFootballTalk

lol apparently mayock bout had it with the show portion of the draft. Kinda would be cool to have him in the organization
It is way overhyped. Most of the kids drafted rounds 5-7 won't get a second contract if they even make the initial team cut. Very few bona fide team changers even in the first three rounds. It is all about $$$$$$$$ and I guess the NFL is either super greedy or super needy. Selling those draft day caps, etc. Eventually this crap is going to die out a bit. The real fans are just going to wait to read about it on the net that night or next day. Making a big production out of it cheapens it to a large degree. But then again, it is really just entertainment. A part of the blame for it getting to where it is at now is us.
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