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Re: Offseason Roster Moves Thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Mooby....nice list and analysis.

As the offseason begins, Im gonna pull out each area to look review.

Off the top of head:

1. Come up with a plan for the Oline going forward. LT and Trent issue needs to be resolved. Schreff contract to be resolved. Flowers, Roullier and Martin...young guys with a future, how they fit in.

2. Tight End position completely rebuilt with focus on balance. Guys need to be able to both block and catch.

3. Secondary....Free Safety and Corner will need help. How will new scheme affect the future...Are we a press or zone primary coverage unit?

4. RB injuries. Guice and Love have talent...coming off major injuries. We need to add a younger, healthy body.

5. Can we find an X receiver to pair outside with Terry?

6. If we go base 4-3 where does everyone fit? Usually need a deep LB core.

Nice analysis.

OL- I think Trent come back for a year or two, and they’ll resign Scherff, Flowers, Penn (depth). They should dump Moses, he had a terrible year. Replace him with a draft pick and/or Martin.

McLaurin will be paired with Steve Sims, Jr.
I think they’ll see how Harmon and Cam Sims progress for the third WR.

TE - get the best TE in FA. This is the first move they should make. Eric Ebron (Colts) will cost a pretty penny but will help Haskins immensely and the red zone problems.

RB - Guice and Love will have to rotate to keep each other fresh and unhurt. Still need to hire a good RB in case these guys can’t stay healthy.

4-3 will better suit our talent, especially if we get Chase Young. We will have an awesome pass rush.

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