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Re: Post draft breakdown

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Insert the "you cant grade a draft until 3 years later" mantra

We targeted physical abilities over production it seems. Davis, Cosmi, St Juste, Brown, Forrest all seem to be at the top end of athleticism. We are banking on them being able to be coached up and continue to improve.

Im somewhat left with the impression we just drafted our board vs reacting to how the draft played out. Seems like we drafted guys who RR interviewed with personally.

Especially that 4R on a blocking TE that by all looks was a pretty big reach. But he interviewed with RR personally. They have a good conversation ... suddenly we are picking him in the 4th when he was projected to be a 6th or UDFA.

I feel like the personal interviews steered our decisions vs being reactive to the board and who is dropping etc. I dont think we went BPA .. or our board favors physical stats vs film/playing stats
I suppose with so much uncertainty with evaluations and health this year they went with the find team first football players plan, cannot really condemn them for that though I agree a blocking tight end in the 4th seems a bit of a reach
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