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With the 11th Pick in the First Round, Washington selects…

What the eff is up? I’m ready for the draft…tell me who you want at 11 and who do you think they will take. Yes folks, everyone wants to trade down to acquire more picks…it’s rare, so let’s talk more about who you want, what makes sense and who the team will take.

I think they will take WR Garret Wilson, I want Safety Kyle Hamilton.

“Chico, a safety? Really?” Yes the best safety in the draft

John Keim schooled me about how much Ron and lil Bigly value the Buffalo nickel, it’s a massive need (more so than MLB) and a key for that defense. Hamilton fits that role perfectly.

All the signs point to the WR and wanting to add more weapons to the offense. Wilson could fall, wouldn’t surprise me if they go best WR available.

My secret sleeper pick will be if their favorite/highest rated tackle falls. Keim/Reid podcast…Keim gave some insight which sounded like inside info if a Tackle fell, they would kick Cosmi inside at Schreff old spot and gets another young lineman who starts at Right tackle and moves to Leno spot eventually.
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