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Re: Kirk Cousins 365 thread

Okay so after 3 years of the Grud, 2 years of SM and 2 Years of KC, hear is where I am in the whole Cousins deal:

I am fine if we keep Cousins and he is paid long term (I prefer this, in fact).

I am also OK if Cousins gets traded for a couple of high picks and/or legit players.

I was surprised when I came to this realization in the week after the giants game. I am Gruden fan, SM fan and a KC fan. But I am not a KC fan at the expense of the entire team.

KC can win SBs here if the rest of the team is stout. He can also be Dan Fouts and Dan Marino tons of offense that can't win championships. I would rather see more championships than fantasy wasta.

To reiterate: I want to see long term deal where KC stays and wins a ton. But I am strangely OK with letting him walk if we get a good price. I love the direction the team is headed and firmly believe all we need is a couple more years to compete consistently.

side note, to those being hyper critical of living through a rebuild: I mean FFS - this is the first year we were in every game but 1 against a division champs schedule since...since....I don't know when..91 probably, and we won more than lost! Why cant we simply enjoy the progress....httr
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