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Re: Should Gruden be fired ?

Originally Posted by REDSKINS4ever View Post
Gruden needs to be fired.
Injuries should NOT get him a pass. You're down to your 3rd string qb you just picked up off the street and you give the ball to AP 9 times??? Even after a 90 yard TD.
His play calling is horrible. We're continuously a sloppy, unprepared and undisciplined team. We would have choked down the stretch even with Alex. We were never as good as our record. Jay has been here 5 years and taken us to the playoffs ONCE. Since then we've gotten progressively worse every year. We will never win with Jay.

Bruce Allen needs to go too. Being linked to George Allen shouldn't get him a pass anymore.....
totally agree with you his play calling is horrible no imagination and i don,t want to hear about injuries because when we were healthy we still didn,t score a ton of points i don,t even know if we scored over thirty points this year in any game .and we did need to draft a quarterback in the first two rounds this year ugh........................
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