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Re: Reuben Foster carted off with apparent leg injury

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
It's a new year. I just don't understand how anyone was counting on RF. He's played like 15 or 16 games in two years. They rolled the dice and lost. Time to move on.
This is kind of where I'm at with this. He hasn't played a down with the Redskins so it's hard to really call it a loss. Sure they were ready to pencil him in as a starting linebacker, but he wasn't here last year and we do have some depth at that position from the last couple of drafts...time for one of them to step up.

I just hate it for Reuben Foster the man. I hear all this karma talk, and how he may have just had this coming to him...that's BS and narrow minded in my opinion. This was a real opportunity for this dude to get his life right, more important than getting his football career back on track. I just hope he stays close to the team, teammates, facility and doesn't 'wander off' and find more trouble.
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