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Re: Biggest Impact Player from Free Agency or NFL Draft this coming 2019 Season?

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
I'm not expecting much from Doc or PR. I think Quinn, Terry and our TE's / Backs will do the most damage

Yeah, Iíve been following the observers who are watching every minute of training camp and then constantly tweeting about it all day. I havenít heard one peep about PR. Zero.

Tons of tweets about Quinn (who had a one-handed, catch-of-the-day yesterday), Cam Sims, MacLaurin, yes and even Doctson. Everyone is absolutely raving about Reed this training camp and V. Davis. They are even mentioning the 6í8Ē rookie TE, whose name I forgot. His size allowed him to make 3 TDS in the red zone drills.

Anyway, maybe itís because there is such a tough competition at WR for the bubble guys,that they MUST get noticed. But thought I hear something about PR. Nothing on him. Could he still be hurt? Anyway, Iím much more excited about Cam Sims than about PR this season. Heís hungry, is much taller and has years ahead of him as a Redskin, if he works out.

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