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Trent Williams traded to the 49ers

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Trent Williams traded to the 49ers

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
I don't disagree with you disagreeing with my baller status. Does that make sense lol?

This is mostly a futures bet on my part. I wanted him at # 15 last year and his progression from the 1st time he got PT to the last game he played in was night and day.

And you have to note that Jay basically said I don't want him, and he proved all season that was the truth. Jay did nothing to help him (at best).

He needs to grow up a bit but hell I turn 37 in June, and I still need to grow up a bit. He will figure it out and Riverboat Ron will help him.
I don't disagree with you not disagreeing with me disagreeing with ...

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Re: Trent Williams traded to the 49ers

Rivera said to the media TODAY that there was a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK trade offer for Trent Willians last year. Bruce Allen turned it down, and the rest is history. Iím not talking about Bruce any more- I got it out of my system with my mega-rant.


Iím with the other posters as being a big-time supporter of Dwayne Haskins NOW. I think Rivera and Kyle Smith got some excellent talent for Haskins to throw to from the draft. Gibson and more importantly Gandy-Golden are going to compliment with MacLaurin and Sims, Jr. Iím excited to see Gandy-Golden in action. Although he was the 18th WR taken in this draft, I think he could be a hidden gem.

I was initially disappointed by the Redskins not getting a TE in the draft - specifically Trautman, who they could have picked. But I think I understand their NEW STRATEGY now. The Redskins have $35 mill in cap money now. Teams like the Bears have 10 TE in their roster now. So they and other teams are going to let many TEís go and the Redskins can pick up the best of those who are fired. In fact, I think that the TEís that are dumped and available during TC and the PS will be FAR BETTER THAN those from the 2020 draft. The cast offs can be hired in one-year, ďshow meĒ contracts, instead of a four or five year rookie contracts. The TE draft class in 2020 was weak and shallow. The TEís the Redskins hire in TC and PS will be far better, some will be veterans and many will have tapes in NFL games or at least information from their NFL practices. So, I predict that the Redskins TE group will get far better between NOW and the FIRST GAME. No one will be paying attention because the super-hyped draft is over.

But the Redskins will be judiciously using their HUGE CAP FUND to hire players at TE, CB, S and OT in very cheap, one-year contracts. Many will just be depth or ST players who may not work out. But Kyle Smith will find a couple hidden players WHO WILL BE STARTERS, like Flowers was last season. Especially at TE, we will do far better using this strategy than getting a dreg or two of the draft class. These players, who arenít on our roster right now, will help Haskins to shine this season. Thatís why the Redskins arenít at the 90 player limit right now (84 players now). Players will BE ADDED LATE in TC or PS, but will be on the FIRST STRING sometime during this season and seasons after this! This NEW STRATEGY of adding players AFTER THE DRAFT and UDFA isnít new, but Kyle Smith and Rivera are doing it at a FAR BIGGER SCALE than other teams in the past. I think the Redskins could add 5-10 players OR MORE in a deliberate plan to fill their big holes. They will be very cheap, some will bust, but there will be some GOOD PLAYERS from this new strategy!

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